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Sentinel-R is a powerful data processor that is equipped with a MEMS accelerometer which is designed for on-site processing and streaming.


Sentinel-R is equipped with a quad-core processor that runs at 1.8GHz and 2GB of DDR4 RAM. Seismic localization software such as Lunitek Casp, SeisComP, EarthWorm or Structural Health Monitoring software such as Lunitek Asclepius or third party and proprietary software can be installed and run on the device. Sentinel-R comes with a Linux Debian Bullseye installation (kernel 5.4.3).


Sentinel-R consumes 1.8W@12V in idle state (Linux up, WiFi active, 4G modem on). The internal battery guarantees an autonomy of 8 hours. This is a useful in case of a black out and keeps the system up and running until the mains come back.


Sentinel-R is equipped with a fast 4G CAT1 modem which is backed up by the internal battery, and with a Gigabit Ethernet port that allows fast and reliable communication between the device and hosts.

The memory storage is on the removable microSD card (up to 256GB) which is located in the same slot as the 4G modem SIM card (nano-SIM). Users can easily remove cards when needed by accessing the slot by unscrewing a sealed part.

An internal MEMS accelerometer (85dB) is sampled continuously but can be ignored if not needed or it can be the heart of the data acquisition system. In the latter case a sophisticated trigger criteria (STA/LTA and threshold) that distinguishes false events (i.e. environment vibrations) from true seismic events are available for the user. The internal GNSS receiver synchronizes the device with the absolute time.


Sentinel-R can be used as an accelerograph with high computational power or simply as a super rugged power pc on the system network. Typical application  of the device is to work as a master of a network of accelerographs where the main purpose of the setup is to collect and stream data to a remote server based on the Lunitek Jupiter software.


Sentinel-R comes in an anodized aluminum case which is rugged and shock-resistant and thus suitable for field applications. Sensor connectors are industry standard M8 and SMA, robust easy to find on the market. Sentinel-R is IP67.


Powerful quad core processor with 2GB DDR4
Built-In Wi-Fi, GNSS and 4G modem
Gigabit Ethernet
32Gb internal memory
MiniSEED data stream
STA/LTA triggering algorithms
Synchronization between units, time delay <1 µs
Backup battery in case of power loss

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