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Premium-quality 4 channel digitizer that was conceived for strong motion and geophysical monitoring with budget constraints.


The analog channels are 40Vpp capable and synchronously sampled up to 500 samples/second at a resolution of 24bit.

Dynamic range exceeds 125dB@100Hz.

The integrated memory bank (32 ÷ 256 GB) allows you to manage a ring-buffer for continuous long term recordings as well as event data. The data is saved in MiniSEED format.

The system implements sophisticated trigger criteria (STA/LTA and threshold) which distinguishes false events (i.e. environment vibrations) from true seismic events.

The internal GNSS receiver allows you to create a network where all the instruments are synchronized to the
absolute time.


The connection to the instrument can be established either using the local network (LAN or WiFi) or, alternatively, remotely using the optional internal HSPA (4G upcoming) modem.

The instrument can be used as a stand-alone unit, or in a MASTER-SLAVE based monitoring network where multiple instruments are connected to each other; Sentinel-X is compatible with both the Triton and Atlas which is useful when superior dynamics are needed, for example, as a near field unit.

Thanks to the SeedLink protocol, Sentinel is compatible with the most popular seismic analysis software: Seiscomp3, Antelope, Earthworm.


Sentinel-X is powered by an external DC source (5 ÷ 16 Vdc) and equipped with its own internal battery (LiPo) which offers 5 hours of autonomy in the case of a blackout. The battery is a standard 18650 and can easily be replaced. The internal HSPA/4G modem (optional) is backed up by the internal battery.

Input connectors are provided with a battery back-up 12V@50mA power supply that can be used for powering the connected sensors.


Sentinel-X comes in an anodized aluminum case which is rugged and shock-resistant and therefore well suited to field use. Sensor connectors are industry standard M8, robust, and easy to find on the market.

High Dynamic 24bit ADC
Integrated Wi-Fi
Integrated 10/100 LAN
Optional onboard HSPA/4G modem with nano SIM card
Integrated GNSS receiver for specific timing application
32Gb internal memory
MiniSEED data stream
STA/LTA triggering algorithms
Synchronization between units, time delay <1 µs
Backup battery in case of power loss

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