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Tellus BH is three-component seismometers specifically designed for borehole installation down to 300m.

Tellus BH can be equipped with one of Lunitek’s velocity sensor: short band (1 second – 5 seconds) or broadband (30-60-120 second). All sensors are manufactured using high thermal stability and low noise components. The transduction factor of every single unit is individually calibrated on the shake table with an accuracy within ±1%.

Tellus BH short band is equipped with a self-supporting cable so that an additional rope is not needed. Broadband version of Tellus BH, which are heavier, are equipped with a fixing point for a rope along with the signal cable.

Tellus BH is manufactured in stainless steel (AISI316) and does not require mass locking or centering.

A passive clamping system is provided on request.

Tellus BH provides excellent long term stability, reliable measurements and is ideally suited to challenging sites where measurements can be improved by using borehole installation.

Tellus BH can be used to cover a variety of applications from seismology to oil and gas.

Dynamic range > 140dB for shortband, >150dB for broadband
Frequency range 1, 5, 30, 60 and 120 seconds up to 50Hz (100Hz opt)
Tansduction factor 400 V/m/s (SB) and 2000 V/m/s (BB)
High accuracy​
Low self-noise​
Good thermal stability​
Low power
No need for mass centering or mass locking

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