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Tellus-C is a high quality compact broad-band triaxial seismometer designed for easy deployment and safe transport. Tellus-C is based on Galperin configuration which allows to more easily distinguish external noise sources from internal ones and achieve higher performance.

Tellus-C can be ordered with a flat band-pass between 120s-20s and 100Hz. The lower frequency corner can be customized at the order. The transduction factor is 2000V/m/s, the output differential 40Vpp. Tellus-C is manufactured in aluminum treated against corrosion housing offering a high level of IP68K protection making it ideal for harsh environment and for field use.

Tellus-c is robust magnetic shielded and exhibits a low temperature sensitivity.

Dynamic range > 135dB in range 0.1-10Hz
Frequency range 120s-20s ÷ 100 Hz
Tansduction factor 2000V/m/s (S)
High accuracy
Low self-noise
Good thermal stability
Low power
Precision factory calibration

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