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Tellus-L 1s is a cost-effective short band seismometer that can be used both in active and passive seismology which offers excellent price-performance ratio.

Tellus-L is manufactured with 4.5Hz geophones and offers electronically extended frequency response through an inverse-filter function. Low noise components and a compensation circuitry assure high dynamic range and stability.

The Tellus-L’s standard flat bandpass ranges from 1Hz to 100Hz, 0.2Hz to 100Hz is available on request.
The transduction factor is 120V/m/s and the output is differential.

It’s rugged design and IP68 protection make it ideal for harsh environments and for field use, moreover a metallic spike facilitates the installation in the ground.

Tellus-L comes in vertical or triaxial variant.

Sensitivity 120 V/m/s (tolerance ±10%)
Frequency range: 1hz ÷ 100 Hz
Differential Output
Low self-noise power

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