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Three component geophone is one kind of geophone applied for three-component seismic prospecting. 3 C geophone can perform HVSR, MASW and vibration analysis . 

It with features of robust, light weight and convenient for field operation.

3C geophone has 3 high-precisions geophone sensors for measurements in 3 directions (X,Y,Z). Its shape has been optimized to ease the planting and improve the coupling in land environments. A leveling device is also integrated in the cap to ensure the best ground positioning.

3-C geophones string is used for multi-component seismic exploration, which has high resolution. it is widely adopted in underground water surveys, geological stratigraphy, landslide studies, pile foundation detecting, subsoil cavities detection, mining, archaeology, etc. 

We are available of triaxial geophone from 4.5Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, 14Hz, 28Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz. 


Sensitivity 28 V/m/s (tolerance ±10%)
Frequency range: 4.5hz ÷ 100 Hz
Good thermal stability
Robust and light weight

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