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Jupiter is a web-based software package developed for users who want to manage all their Lunitek instruments over the network. In fact, when a large amount of units are present in the network it may become difficult if not impossible to control them individually.

Jupiter offers a clean user interface that interacts with the instruments and allows you to monitor, manage and configure a seismic or structural monitoring network that is composed of Lunitek devices.

Jupiter automatically detects all devices connected to the network, be it a VPN or WAN, without having to manually specify the IP addresses. Is it possible to visualize and stream the data and the health status of the units via the miniSEED protocol.

The user can send a common configuration to all the devices on the network or even common commands (start, stop, manual trigger, etc.) so that individual access to each unit is no longer necessary.

Jupiter can collect the data coming from the instruments and store the data in a local folder.

You can run built-in or third-party analysis scripts and send remote alarms when specific events are triggered.

Jupiter is powered by Obspy Python, a library for seismology, which allows the user to easily develop customized analysis scripts.

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